Electronic Media


Publicity through TV Channels

Agricultural messages / TVCs are produced and telecast at critical crops growth stages through TV channels round the year to educate farming community about latest and site-specific production technologies. More than one thousand agricultural messages are also telecast annually during prime time from T.V. channels. In addition, more than one thousand News Packages are also telecast by maintaining liaison with different terrestrial and satellite TV channels. In addition, this directorate also issues TV Tickers about development activities flashed through satellite TV channels.


Video Documentaries

The Directorate also produces video documentaries on various agricultural topics for telecast through TV channels. These documentaries are usually played at agricultural exhibitions, fairs, farmer days and training programes. The Directorate also produces documentaries for SAARC countries for sharing of research and developments in the field of Agriculture and related disciplines.


Electronic Media Monitoring Cell

An Electronic Media Watch Cell has been established in the Directorate to monitor news / tickers relating to agriculture telecast through TV channels daily. Tickers on research achievements / technical information as well as clarifications of news are also released to TV channels by this Directorate regularly.


Radio Agricultural Programs

Agricultural programs are broadcast daily from seven Radio Stations in Punjab Province including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Bahawalpur and Mianwali. About 3000 talks of agricultural experts and interviews of progressive farmers, 1500 agricultural messages and 2000 Agricultural News Bulletins / reports are broadcast from these Radio Stations annually with the cooperation of Directorate of Agricultural Information, Punjab.


SMS/ E-Mail Alerts to Classified Agricultral Scientists

The Directorate has initiated Document Delivery Service (DDS) to classified groups of agricultural scientists working in different Directorates/Institutes under Research Wing of Agriculture Department, Punjab. Under this activity, contents of current research publications, research papers/reports, books titles etc. indexed by this Directorate are sent to agricultural scientists alongwith information about fresh arrivals of national/international journals in Library/Documentation Unit of this Directorate through SMS and E-mail alerts to update their knowledge and their capacity building.


Information Dissemination through Internet


The Directorate also responds queries of farmers / stakeholders through internet regarding farm technologies, facilities under development projects and services offered by various formations of Agriculture Department, Punjab.


E- Newsletter

This newsletter is published on monthly basis to highlight news relating to research achievements and development activities of Agriculture Department, Punjab