Our Strategy

Communication Strategy Approach

  • Agricultural Information Input is instrumental to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability of farmers/stakeholders.
  • Reliable, relevant and useful information to all stakeholders at appropriate time in easily accessible format according to their information needs.
  • Dissemination of modern cropping techniques to the farming community according to approved production technology of crops, fruits and vegetables.
  • Documentation of available information about crops preferably in database format for easy access.
  • Projection of services/activities of various wings of Agriculture Department, development activities, Government initiatives and policy measures through print and electroni / digital media.
  • Strengthening feedback from farmers/stakeholders

Implementing Communication Strategy/Plan

  • According to Indian Agri. Information/Communication Expert, Mr. Ranganathan

“In Agricultural information work, editing and publishing requires a scientist cum editor, liaison requires a scientist cum public relations man, reporting requires a scientist cum digester and documentation requires a scientist cum librarian.”

  • Directorate of Agricultural Information is equipped with men and material resource to execute/implement the communication strategy/plan.

Information Flow Diagram