Our Strategy

Need for Communication Strategy

  • The global order is changing fast and challenges being faced by agriculture are also increasing
  • Huge gap exists in yield being harvested by progressive growers and common farmers which needs to be filled
  • The important challenge is “How to educate,  motivate, train and help farmers to take appropriate decisions regarding crop selection, cultivation, management, harvesting and marketing? ”
  • New strategies require to enhance input efficiency with greater emphasis on demand-driven research and prompt transfer of technology to farmers
  • To make information dissemination through mass media more effective and result oriented by adopting strategic and systematic approach.
  • To turn the “off and on” advertising into well organized campaigns to educate growers
  • To improve presentation value of the information packets

Communication Strategy Approach

  • Information has become marketable commodity throughout the world Agricultural Information Input is instrumental to enhance agricultural productivity and profitability of farmers/stakeholders.
  • Reliable, relevant and useful information to all stakeholders at appropriate time in easily accessible format according to their information needs.
  • Dissemination of modern cropping techniques to the farming community according to approved production technology of crops, fruits and vegetables.
  • Documentation of available information about crops preferably in database format for easy access.
  • Projection of services/activities of various wings of Agriculture Department, development activities, Government initiatives and policy measures through mass media.
  • Strengthening feedback from farmers/stakeholders

Information Needs of Farmers

Media - Vehicle For Technology Transfer

Print and electronic media, digital communication networks like mobile phones, internet, email, imaging technology, digital audio-video, terrestrial/satellite T.V. channels, cable TV and Radio are increasingly becoming important vehicles for agricultural technology transfer.

Media Landscape In Pakistan

Print Media

  • About 1500 newspapers in Urdu, English and regional languages are being published in Pakistan, majority of which are brought out daily in Punjab
  • Transported daily even to remote areas in Punjab

Electronic Media

  • Pakistan Broadcasting Cooperation has 64 Radio Stations** in Pakistan
  • Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has so far awarded 193 FM Radio broadcast licenses** out of which 81 have been awarded in various cities of Punjab
  • 91 satellites TV channels*** are airing transmissions in Pakistan Two terrestrial networks of PTV and ATV, covering the whole population of the country
  • More than 3800 cable TVs have been permitted to operate in urban, semi-urban and rural areas in Pakistan, out of which majority are in Punjab
  • More than 123 million mobile, 3.5 million PTCL and 3 million wireless users in Pakistan.

Communication Strategy

Media Mix

  • Each crop requires an exclusive campaign and finely tuned media plan.
  • For effective agricultural information dissemination, a judicious media mix for maximum reach and effectiveness is required

Content Development

  • Approved production technology of crops, fruits and vegetables
  • Contents for print and electronic media will be got vetted from concerned Director General of Agriculture/Head of attached Department
  • Reports about development activities/extension activities etc. will regularly be provided by all Director Generals of Agriculture/Heads of attached Departments to Directorate of Agricultural Information for projection through media

Implementing Communication Strategy/Plan

  • According to Indian Agri. Information/Communication Expert, Mr. Ranganathan

“In Agricultural information work, editing and publishing requires a scientist cum editor, liaison requires a scientist cum public relations man, reporting requires a scientist cum digester and documentation requires a scientist cum librarian.”

  • Directorate of Agricultural Information is equipped with men and material resource to execute/implement the communication strategy/plan.

Information Flow Diagram