Social Media


Website of Agriculture Department, Punjab

The Directorate is maintaining official website of Agriculture Department, Punjab ( This website is regularly updated for dissemination of agricultural information and projecting development activities, research achievements, new innovations, Government initiatives and policy measures in agriculture.


Facebook & Twitter

Social Media is a powerful tool to educate farmers now a days. This Directorate has created official Facebook ( ) pages and Twitter account ( to educate farmers about new cropping techniques to enhance productivity.


WhatsApp Groups

This Directorate has also created different WhatsApp Groups from farmer’s data acquired from Agriculture (Ext.) and ADU (Agriculture Delivery Unit) to educate them by sending messages/short videos at critical times of crops growth stages about latest and site-specific production technologies.


Youtube Channel

This Directorate has also launched Youtube Channel (Zaratnama) to educate farming community about farm technologies, TV Programs, TVCs and documentaries on Agriculture. Production technologies are uploaded regularly for benefit of the farming community/stakeholders.