Print Media


Zirat Nama

This Urdu magazine is regularly published by Directorate of Agricultural Information, Punjab on fortnightly basis to motivate and educate growers for adoption of innovative farm technologies. This magazine is considered as most reliable source of information about latest farm practices for the farming community. In this magazine, articles written by agricultural scientists about production technology of major and minor crops, vegetables and fruits are published according to the cropping season.


Agricultural Publications

The Directorate of Agricultural Information, Punjab regularly publishes booklets, pamphlets, folders, posters, brochures, handbills etc. for technical guidance and education of farmers / stakeholders round the year. Vast majority of literate farmers of Punjab province benefit from these informative publications for increasing their per unit productivity. Books on different agricultural topics written by experts are also published for agricultural professionals, University teachers, students and progressive growers.


Publicity through Newspapers and Magazines

The Directorate arranges publicity of site-specific modern agricultural technology by releasing advertisements, press releases, handouts and agricultural features to National and Regional newspapers/ magazines for dissemination of agricultural information regularly round the year. 


Press Clippings / News Monitoring

The Directorate monitors important agricultural news, articles and editorials on agriculture published in national and regional newspapers. Press clippings / summary of these news are prepared and sent to Minister for Agriculture, Secretary Agriculture, Punjab and other policy makers daily.