Library Services

Information Services

  • Reference Services

DAI Library/Documentation Centre has been providing reference services to agricultural scientists, professionals and staff members from the library’s material or elsewhere. The queries received by mail, telephonic or face to face are responded by professional staff to satisfy their information needs.

  • Inter Library Loan

It is difficult for any library to fulfill the demands of its users independently. In this case, libraries have to apply Inter Library Loan system to overcome the issues of unavailability of documents. If a certain document is not available in library’s collection, the library has arrangement to acquire the document from other library and provide to user.

  • Document Delivery Services

If a user demands for a particular article of journal or any other document on a topic, library staff makes available the documents electronically.

  • Selected Dissemination of Information

DAI Library/Documentation Centre collects the latest material on a variety of topics and provides researchers and scientists according to field of interest. This service has been designed to support research projects.

  • SMS Alert Services

DAI Library/Documentation Centre has initiated the SMS alert services for its users. Researchers and scientists are informed about fresh arrivals in their area of interest on regular basis.

Other Services

  • Book Lending/Borrowing

Library registered users are eligible to borrow the book. Issuing privileges differ from category to category. Ensure the entitlement of books from circulation desk.

  • Searching Support

Library staff assists the users in using library tools. Users are helped in using library Online Public access Catalogue (OPAC) as well as how to locate the book from shelf.