Library Collection

General Collection

This is the major part of collection containing of high quality selective books. Books on variety of subjects i.e. Agriculture, Agri Economics, Mass Communication, Journalism, Reference, Research, History, English Literature, etc. are placed in main hall and arranged according to Dewy Decimal Classification (DDC) Scheme, Edition 20.

Reference Collection

Various reference sources including Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Directories, Biographies, Annual Reports, Handbooks, etc. are available on reference shelves to answer the users’ queries.

DAI Publications

Library has maintained the Directorate of Agricultural Information research and other publications such as Journal of Agricultural Research, Zaraat Naama, etc. in order to maintain the institutional publication record since its beginning and to serve its users efficiently.


A significant collection of e-books has been developed on Agriculture related fields and available in CD/DVD formats. The provision of required book is made on request base. 

Periodical Collection

Library is acquiring many national and international journals, and magazines to provide the current data to its users. We also have started exchange programme of publication with national and international institutions to extend the collection and services.