Electronic Media

  • Monitoring of news/tickers relating to agriculture from TV channels and issuance of clarifications of wrong news
  • Dissemination of Information and Document Delivery Service (DDS) to Classified Groups of Agricultural Scientists working in Research Wing of Agriculture Department
  • Managing official website of Agriculture Department, Punjab
  • Robo calls/voice messaging and text messaging to farmers using mobile phones
  • Agricultural Program broadcast through Radio
  • Audio Productions/Broadcasts on Agriculture Through Radio
  • Assistance to TV Channels for Telecast of Agricultural Programs
  • Video Productions/Telecasts on Agriculture Through TV Channels
  • Maintaining  liaison with DGPR, national press, news agencies, Radio & T.V. channels for dissemination of agricultural technology
  • Planning and implementing special publicity campaigns through electronic media for transfer of agricultural technology

Print Media

  • Preparation of press clippings of news/features/editorials on agriculture published by all national newspapers daily
  • Bringing out special supplements of newspapers and magazines on agriculture
  • Agriculture Feature Service
  • Issuing press releases/handouts
  • Releasing publicity ads. in newspapers/magazines
  • Agricultural Publications-Printing of literature comprising production technology of Kharif and Rabi crops
  • Printing of scientific periodical quarterly “Journal of Agricultural Research (JAR)”, Monthly newsletter “Agrinews”, fortnightly Ziratnama, and Annual Research Report
  • Planning and implementation of special publicity campaigns through Print media