Electronic Media

  • Monitoring of news/tickers relating to agriculture from TV channels and issuance of clarifications of wrong news
  • Dissemination of Information and Document Delivery Service (DDS) to Classified Groups of Agricultural Scientists working in Research Wing of Agriculture Department
  • Managing official website of Agriculture Department, Punjab
  • Robo calls/voice messaging and text messaging to farmers using mobile phones
  • SMS Helpline for farmers using mobile phones
  • Technical guidance to farmers for resolving their emergent field problems through Punjab Agriculture Helpline (0800-15000 | 0800-29000)
  • One agricultural program broadcast daily from six radio stations in Punjab and two from Radio Station, Lahore
  • Audio Productions/Broadcasts on Agriculture Through Radio
  • Assistance to TV Channels for Telecast of Agricultural Programs
  • Video Productions/Telecasts on Agriculture Through TV Channels
  • Maintaining  liaison with DGPR, national press, news agencies, Radio & T.V. channels for dissemination of agricultural technology
  • Planning and implementing special publicity campaigns through electronic media for transfer of agricultural technology

Print Media

  • Preparation of press clippings of news/features/editorials on agriculture published by all national newspapers daily
  • Bringing out special supplements of newspapers and magazines on agriculture
  • Agriculture Feature Service
  • Issuing press releases/handouts
  • Releasing publicity ads. in newspapers/magazines
  • Agricultural Publications-Printing of literature comprising production technology of Kharif and Rabi crops
  • Printing of scientific periodical quarterly “Journal of Agricultural Research (JAR)”, Bimonthly newsletter “Agrinews”, fortnightly Ziratnama, and Annual Research Report
  • Planning and implementation of special publicity campaigns through Print media

Training Courses

The Directorate organizes training courses in “Information Science and Agricultural Journalism” twice a year regularly for improving communication skills of professionals working in agriculture and allied departments including Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries, Irrigation, Food and Cooperative Departments of Punjab and other provinces/Azad Kashmir. The facility is also being extended to professionals working with NGOs involved in agricultural and rural uplift activities.


Through this planned effort scientists exchange views, share research findings and benefit from their experiences.
Setting up stall at Industrial/Agricultural Exhibitions, farmer’s days/melas and seminars