Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me whether Ziratnama and other publications could be sent through V.P. mail? Top
It is regretted that Ziratnama and other publications could not be sent through V.P. mail.  
How I can get the list of publications? Top
The list of publications can be downloaded from our website. (Download Publications List)  
What is the annual subscription of Ziratnama ? How can I become member of Ziratnama? Top
Annual subscription of Ziratnama is Rs.120/- per annum which can be submitted directly or through money order/bank draft in the favour of Director Agricultural Information Punjab, 21-Sir Agha Khan Soyam Road, Lahore.  
How can I confirm that my money order is received in your office? Top
You can contact us at our office No. 042-99200729 or email,  
How can I get previous issues of Ziratnama and agricultural literatures? Top
Ziratnama/Agricultural literature is available in our stock and can be purchased directly from our office or through money order. You can also download the Ziratnama/Agricultural literature from our website.  
I have not received any copy of Ziratnama. Please guide me what should I do? Top
Ziratnama is sent through ordinary post to all subscribers under the supervision of two officers. The certificate of dispatch is present in our record. However, if you did not receive your copy you can record your complaint at our toll free helpline No.0800-15000 or 0800-29000(8am to 8pm daily).